What is dfsMagic?

Reading can be boring, so here's your motivation: I won $50,000 on DraftKings in January using this tool (okay, it was a much uglier, less capable version of this tool). Here's the proof:

If you are reading this right now, chances are that you already play daily fantasy sports and already read quite a bit of content every week. You probably have your favorite outlets, whether they be as simple as Tweets making weekly predictions or as complex as detailed mathematical player prediction models. The content outlets available to you are growing quickly and are virtually limitless. But when it comes time to actually build your lineups and enter contests, the fun stops. Creating multiple lineups while trying to keep track of numerous criteria is incredibly time consuming and frustrating. The tools available online are rare, expensive, and limited in functionality.

That's where dfsMagic comes in. This is a lineup builder, not a content site. dfsMagic isn't going to tell you which players to use. I'll let the rest of the internet do that. Think of dfsMagic as the link between the content you read and the lineups you create. Do you want to pick a handful of players, build 10 lineups, and be done in 5-10 minutes? It can do that for you. Do you want to build 150 lineups, optimize against your own prediction model, control team-specific stacking criteria, and tweak lineups manually before exporting? It can do that for you, too. And anything in between.

FAQ and Tutorials

Right now, dfsMagic is allowing beta testing to members of Occupy Fantasy. Click here to learn more about OccupyFantasy. The standalone dfsMagic service will be available soon.

We support NFL and NBA on DraftKings and FanDuel. We support "classic" and "showdown/single game" contests. Expansion to NHL, MLB, and CFB is planned for 2019-2020!

Yes you can! The best user experience will always be on a computer due to the amount of customization available to you, but the site is now mobile friendly.

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